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"Thanks Colette." Sheena said, smiling as Colette did her hair. The chosen's group had stopped for the night and set up camp. Sheena and Colette were now in the tent that they shared. It was the way things had been since Sheena had rejoined the chosen's group at Sybak and they met up with Raine and Genis on the bridge. She was with Colette, Lloyd was with Zelos and Genis, while Raine was with Presea. It might have been unusual for all the males to spend time together and not the females, but it was mostly due to the fact that Colette and Presea's sleeping habits could only be tolerated by the people they were currently with.

"No problem, Sheena." the blond girl giggled. This was the one thing that she had never messed up. "What do you think Genis is making for dinner?"

"Not sure. Smells good, whatever it is." Sheena answered. "Probably curry or Miso Soup. I'd be glad if it was curry. I haven't had any since we were in Sylvarant."

Colette noticeably tensed, though Sheena was too busy thinking about the great taste of Genis's curry to notice. Colette loved curry, honestly. But the side effects it had on her...

"Colette? Colette!" Sheena called, snapping her fingers.

"Huh?" the angel blinked, looking at the girl.

"Genis said its time for dinner. Put a hold on my hair please?"

"Oh, sure." Colette put a scrunchie in Sheena's hair and tied it back, then nodded. "There. That should hold until after dinner."

"Let's go get food! I'm starved!" Sheena giggled, hopping to her feet. They went out to the middle of the camp.

"What's for dinner?" Lloyd asked, looking at the young chef. "Smells great!"

"It's curry! Mild spicy. Presea can't handel spicy." Genis said, blushing as he mentioned Presea's name. Lloyd, Colette, and Sheena all gave a collective Awww at that, making him blush deeper. Colette nervously twiddle her thumbs behind her, eyeing the curry. Maybe it wouldn't have as strong side effects as usual if it was mild.

The rest of the group came, and they ate as usual, discussing normal topics like the new artes they learned and sights they'd seen. Afterward, due to the larger than normal ammount of dishes, everyone planned to walk down to the river. Colette now saw her chance, feeling the effects of the curry were not as strong as they usually were.

"I'm actually really tiered... can I just go to bed early?" she asked.

"Sure Colette," Raine said. "Sheena, do you mind staying with her? We can't really leave any one person alone at such a criticle time."

Colette mentally swore in her mind... She didn't want people to know about this!

"No problem." the Mizuho ninja said, nodding. Everyone walked away as Colette and Sheena walked back to their tent. Colette was looking towards the ground. She had only one choice... Sheena would see another side of her today. They entered the tent, and Sheena walked over to her sleeping area. Colette, however, zipped the tent up.

"Sheena... You probably should have said no to rooming with me." the angle girl said, shaking her head at the ninja. Sheena sat up, blinking in confusion. She was in the process of changing into her pajamas, so she was only in her pink pajama shirt and ocean blue panties. The shirt featured a shuriken pattern, all of them being different shades of pink or purple. Her panties had the picture of a egg bear cub with it's tounge sticking out, which was right at Sheena's crotch. On the back, which couldn't be seen at the moment since Sheena was sitting down, had the picture of a glaf cub panting happily, with the words 'Feeding time' in an arche over it's head.

"What are you talking about Colette?" Sheena asked.

"You should have said no to comming with me to this tent." Colette answered. "You see... I have a problem with curry. I-its sorta embarassing, so I don't want anyone to know about it..."

"Oh. Well, sorry Colette. What is it, if I can ask?" the ninja said, smiling at her reassuringly. "Don't worry, you can tell me. I won't tell."

"Slight correction there... You'll know, but I won't have to tell you. and you still won't tell anyone. Ever." Colette told her, walking over to her as her voice took on a darker tone. "You see, you're going to be the first person to experience my problem first hand..."

"C-Colette? What are you talking about?"

"Well... let's just say... I hope you're good at holding your breath." Colette said, tackling her freind to the ground and pinning her there. She then turned around, so she was reverse straddling Sheena's chest, her behind pressed to the older girl's chest. Sheena obviously struggled at this, but Colette's angel strength held her in place. "Enjoy... the song of the chosen~" Colette smiled evilly as a loud fart burst from her behind.

"EEEWWWWW!" Sheena screeched, kicking. "That's so nasty, Colette!" Then, the smell hit. Sheena gagged and caughed, then kicked more. It stunk horribly of rotten eggs.

"Yes, but at least after this, you'll probably forget that this ever happened!" she said cheerfully, letting rip more flatulance from her behind.

Sheena was kicking, trying hard to get out of this horrible position. Colette was on her chest, meaning that it was hard enough to breathe. Added to the lethal gas comming from her ass, it was pure torture. "Please Colette, stop!" Sheena begged, coughed out harshly.

"Stop? Why, only two minutes have gone by!" Colette snickered. "I'm gonna keep this up until I run out, which usually takes fourty minutes. But I'll give you a small break for round two!" Colette smiled, getting up. Sheena immideatly tried to crawl away, but Colette grabbed her by her by her thighs, dragging her back and slightly lowering the summoner's panties in the process, revealing her bare butt cheeks. Sheena would normally be embarassed but she was too scared right now. Colette pinned her down, using her angelic strength to her advantage, and lowered her own pants. Her panties, which were light blue with puppies smiling on them, were revealed. The seat of her underwear had a brown skidmark on it, undoubtly from the gassing she just gave Sheena.

"Colette, please! Let me go!" Sheena pleaded, struggling to get up. The most she succeded in was lowering her panties more with her struggles.

"Nope. Hope you enjoyed your freedom, cuz you won't get clean air for a good loooooong time!" Colette giggled darkly. She grabbed Sheena by her ankles and dragged her back to her(Colette), flipping her onto her back and sitting her pantied butt back onto Sheena's face. Sheena's struggling increased greatly, not only because she knew what was going to happen but also because the panties stunk horribly, her nose being touched by the skidmark.

"MMMMMPH!" Sheena's muffled scream sounded. Colette rubbed her butt cheeks up and down her captive's face, adjusting to get comfortable. She ended up having Sheena's face right up between her cheeks, giving herself a slight wedgie with the girl's face. This completely muffled her captive's noises. Then, Sheena suddenly stopped struggling. Colette, alarmed by this, looked behind her and saw that Sheena was awake. She thought for a moment, then smirked when she realized that she no longer felt Sheena's breath on her behind. "Oh, did I cut off your oxygen, Sheena?"

Sheena didn't respond(for obvious reasons), but by the struggles changing to shifting motions, Sheena was apparently trying to get Colette to move so she could get air. Colette laughed at this and waited, pressing her ass harder on Sheena's face. Eventually, Sheena was nearly out of breath, close to passing out. Colette raised up slightly, just enough to let Sheena breathe. The older girl started breathing all the air she could get. She was a bit confused as to why Colette was giggling soo hard, until she smelt the disgusting odor of defecation. She caughed and wheezed immideatly, figuring it out.

"I see you enjoyed my little silent but deadly fart~" the blond girl chuckled, planting her face back onto Sheena's face. "Be lucky it was only that and I didn't let anything else fall into my panties. If I did, you'd be eating it."

Sheena nearly cried from the disgust. She then got an idea and braced herself, inhaling copious ammounts of the fart-polutted air, then holding her breath. Colette blinked, looking over her shoulder at her again. "Wow. That's your plan? I should probably tell you, that's not a very good stratagy to use. I can keep going waaaay longer than you can hold your breath. But...I want you to breathe in all of it.  I mean, the last time this happened, I was seriously suffering because it stank so badly. Now, you're sucking it all up for me! I mean, it's still a dutch oven, the smell being trapped inside the tent and all, but still. Oh, back to the matter at hand. I need to find a way to get you to breathe... but I don't want to be boring about it, soooo...."

Sheena was in fear of what the 16 year old could -- and would -- do to her. "How about... no, that's too simple. Maybe I could--! No, that'd be a waste of time... Oh, I got it!" Colette chimed, grinding her ass into her freind's face. She grabbed Sheena's leg with one hand and moved them towards her, so Sheena's body was in a type of L formation. She bent her legs more, only having to move one to control both since Sheena's panties restricted most movement of her legs, and made it so that Sheena's behind-previously exposed by Colette grabbing Sheena's thighs-was now visible completely exposed for Colette to do whatever she wanted to her. "Now..."

Sheena blinked, then her eyes widened in suprise when Colette slightly spread her butt cheeks apart. She didn't know what was about to happen but that still felt weird. "Time for KANCHO!" Colette beamed, putting her index finger and middle finger together on her right hand. It resembled a ninja sign, the tiger, but with one hand. Colette raised the hand, then rammed the two fingers right into Sheena's butt hole, raising slightly off her face."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!!" Sheena bellowed, turning red from both embarassment and the extremely weird feeling that this was giving her. Not to mention the pain. Colette sat back down on Sheena's slightly opened mouth and let loose a long, hot fart. Sheena would have coughed more than ever. The fart tasted horrible, and smelled even worse. Tears leaked from her eyes and she was gagging uncontrollably now, unable to close her mouth since Colette's rump was acting as a gag to keep it open.

"Wow! That was a stinky one!" Colette giggled. Sheena would have made a sarcastic remark if she could, and if the situation was different. ALL of the fart from Colette were stinky. This one was just abnormally foul. The gas torture continued for a good 20 minutes. Colette stood up and looked at Sheena, who's eyes were partially rolled to the back of her head, near unconciousness as she had inhaled so much of the disgusting stink for so long. The blond girl whistled in admiration of her own work. She sat down, waiting and still farting. It made her gag, though, at her hiddeous stench as it was trapped in the tent. Sheena was breathing it in, but probably couldn't distinguish it from normal air as much of a daze she was in. Colette was basically forced to smell her own smelly fumes as she was trapped in a dutch oven, made by the tent.

She did wait, however, until Sheena was back to her senses, which was when she began coughing again and trying to crawl away. Colette stood up, knowing Sheena was still too weak to move her body much at the moment, and pushed her own undies to her ankles, stepping out of them. "Okay Sheena. Only five minutes left before I run out of gas. Sooo... I'll make the most of it with you!"

Colette grabbed Sheena, forcing her to lie face up on the ground before sitting on her face, Sheena's face being directly right up her ass, between her cheeks. Colette grinned and grinnded her as from side to side and up to down on Sheena's face. Then stopped suddenly. "Uh oh~" she giggled. "Looks like your nose is trapped right up my anus!"

Sheena realized this much sooner than Colette did. Unless of course, Colette did it on purpose. The intense smell of shit was all she could whiff. "Looks like I'm just gonna have to finish my gassing spree with you there~"

Colette did continue, releasing all types of farts on Sheena's nose, giving Sheena more than enough 'air' to breathe. Sheena screamed and cried, struggling to get out of this hell. She never thought that this would happen. Or could happen. More over, she never thought it could happen to her, or that Colette of all people would be the one doing it. This was sweet, polite, innocent Colette. Then it hit her. Colette was extremely kind and nice. All her negative emotions must come out in situations like this! So Colette could be a sadist sometimes...

Colette sighed happily as she released wet farts, dry farts, enormous foghorn-sounding ones, and SBDs. Emphasis on the D. The farts were comming to an end. She could feel it. She could do two things, the way she figured it. Let out bursts of small farts and prolong it for a good while. Or, she could just let it erupt in a good three or four bursts and put it to an end. The kind hearted Colette within her tried to persuade her to let Sheena go. Of course, this sadistic side wanted to do nothing of the sort. But she did figure that, the longer she did this, the more of her nicer side she would have to hear. The dark half shuddered at the mere thought of it. She would simply end it quickly and give control back to the body's rightful owner.

"Okay Sheena, ready for the last few?" Colette asked, bouncing her butt slightly to get Sheena's attention. Sheena muffled a response, which made Colette blush slightly due to the raven haired girl's lips being right on her womanhood. "Good. Now, I'm gonna release 5 farts. We'll be playing a game. You have to tell me a secret about you that nobody knows. If you play correctly, then you can rest easy knowing I won't fart on you in the middle of the night. If not, you can pretty much gaurentee you'll eat crap in the morning." Colette explained, but knew that she couldn't gas Sheena either way,  as she would be out of farts after this. The ninja nodded, apparently having forgot that, since she nodded vigourously.

"Now, I'm going to get off you now, but only on a few conditions. You will NOT try to run out. You will NOT act as though anything different has happened. And you will not tell anyone that I fart, or that this has eever occurred. Clear?"

Sheena nodded weakly, just wanting it to be over. Colette stood up and bent over, on her hands and knees with her ass raised high. "Now, get your face back into my butt." She ordered. Sheena breathed in what 'clean' air she could get, then lazily put her face up the blond's rear end. "Good. Now... let the game begin!" the angel chimed.

Colette closed one eye and ripped a strong fart on Sheena's nose. It stunk and made Sheena cough, but the ninja complied to the rules of the game. "I-I'm a *cough* bisexual."

"Wow. But then again, I think that everyone in our group is. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Its normal." Colette said, reaching back and petting Sheena's head, before letting loose a squeeky, wet fart, splattering drops of crap on Sheena's face. Sheena whined in disgust, crying.

"I-I'm afraid of getting wedgies cuz of an incident when I was a kid!" she said, blushing.

"Wha? Wow!" Colette laughed. "What the hell happened there? Another stipulation, you'll explain a fact I ask you about each of these secrets when I ask you." she told her, then inhaled sharply and puffed her cheeks out, farting heavily on the 19 year old's face.

"I was told not to tell anyone but when I went to Meltokio *wheeze, cough*, thoes fangirls Zelos has gave me a swirly..." Sheena told her, feeling herself fading from conciousness.

"Hmmm... Sounds a bit stupid but I'll take it." Colette shrugged, then released a long, 5 second SBD on Sheena.

"Wh-When I was younger, I constantly got spankings for stealing.. *cough, cough*" this confession was met with a giggle from Colette, along with a slight wiggle of her ass.

"Cute. Can't wait to here the fact for that one. Last fart, Sheena. Prepare~" Colette giggled, forcing the fart to build up its power. "Don't you dare pass out or else!" she blasted Sheena's face with a loud, low pitched fart that made her feel like she was in the middle of a Treit sandstorm.

Sheena jumped away from Colette's backside and quickly said her secret, running to the door. "I usually wear granny panties instead of normal panties!" she told Colette, then exited the tent. Colette almost ran after her, but her the sound of vomiting from beside the tent. She giggled. So she made Sheena puke with all that. She smirked as Sheena came back after a good 5 minutes.

"Hope you enjoyed your time. Now, get to the facts. First, granny panties?" Colette asked.

Sheena blushed deeply. "Well... normal panties squeeze me tight... its hard to move in... most Mizuho ninja's wear thongs, but that makes me feel slutty..."

"Okay, spankings?"

"I use to constantly steal candy from my grandpa, since he only ever gave me them when I did something correct in training, which was only once a week."

"Awww, that's cute~ Swirlies?"

"I teased them and said that I had slept with Zelos, which was a lie. Nothing special there."

"Wow. That's... kinda unsecretive. But I'll let it slide. Next is wedgies."

Sheena's blush deepened as she answered this one. "Well.. When I was about 10, I climbed up a tree that my baloon got caught in. But when I got to the branch it got in, I crawled toward it. And... It popped right in my face. Which startled me. So... I tripped and fell. It was a huge, and I mean HUGE tree... so I fell down and hit a couble of branches. But then my panties caught on one, and I fell down... then bounced back up. I was hanging there for about 2 hours, which was when Kuchinawa heard me calling for help. My butt was so sore that I couldn't walk properly for almost a week. And it hurt even after that." Sheena laid down slightly, still exhausted and smelling shit from Colette's torture. Colette laid by her, pulling her pajamas on, including her pajama bottoms over her bare lower body and taking her ocean blue, lacey bra off before putting her pajama top on.

"Heheheh, intresting. Last one. bisexual?" Colette asked, not really thinking there was any possible intresting fact that could come from this. She was quickly proven wrong.

"I love you." Sheena said, blushing. Kind Colette took over again, blushing deep red. Sheena leaned close to her, kissing her lips lightly. Colette returned the tender feeling of affection, but almost recoiled, as the intense stench of excrement was stuck to Sheena.

The raven haired girl smiled softly, then laid her head down, closing her eyes and was almost immideatly asleep. Colette blushed and sat up, then pulled Sheena's panties up so they were no longer below her ass. Then, she got her pajama pants, putting them on the girl. Colette smiled, despite the fact that she put the pants on Sheena backwards, and kissed her lips again.

"I-I love you too..." Colette whispered, lieing down and falling asleep.
My first Tales of Symphonia story. I plan to do these with alot of fetishes. This one is farts though. And no, that Colette-X-Sheena won't appear in later chapters unless its a direct sequal to this one. Please comment and tell me what you thought and how I could improve.
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fartfanatic1 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
This was one of the best giantess stories ever. Can u make another unaware giantess story where everyone in her neighborhood is at a party (the party is at her house) and then everyone there mysteriously shrinks and are scattered all over the place (on the couch, bed, kitchen, bathroom, tooliet, etc...)

the unaware giantess starts to wonder why and where everyone left the party so soon. So she just thinks ahhh what ever takes off her dress only having her bra and panties left on her(make this story where is wants to relax and takes off all her clothes with only her bra and panties on her)and eats all the remaining Mexican food and has endless farting for the rest of the night.

Make a scene where (in her bra and panties) she goes to the couch to watch a movie and sits down wkth her nice big ass on a bunch of shruunken people. A few minutes later she feels some squirming on beneath her ass and gets up and look at the couch and see a bunch of ants (but they are actually humas , but she does not know that.) Still thinkin that they are ants, she says something like " oh so u ant are trying to ruin my night? This is why i hate ants, all they do is ruin the fun. Well i have a special place for u littke rascals." She lowers her panties, grabs the people and shoves them up her ass making sure they are right next to her ass hole, then pulls uo her panties and sits back down. Then she says something like "i hope you enjoy my ass, cause you little ants will be in there for a long long time, so make yourselves comfortable" and then a few minutes later, her stomach starts to grumble and she begins to groan and says something like "i guess i ate way to much of that Mexican food" and then lets out a massive 10 second long fart. Then say something like "whew! That one really stinks. Sucks for you ants down in my ass, must feel and sound like a jet engine to you. Well you better get used to it cause I'm not i will be farting the whole night" and then releases a long SBD and continues her movie.

And then at the end of the story, after hours pass, she forgets that the people are still up her ass, and goes in her bedroom, right before she goes to bed, and says something like "wow that Mexican food is really kicking in, i got to take a massive diarrhea dump." While still forgeting that the shrunken people are in her ass, she runs to the bathroom pulls down her panties and sits on the tooliet, and the farts and diarrhea begin to explode from her ass. Everyone that was in her ass ends up in the tooliet bowl filled with black and brown sludge. She continues to fart and release liquid shit from her ass for the next 30 minutes. When she is finished. She wipes her ass stands up pulls up her panties and turns around. Right before she flushes the tooliet, she see the little ants squirming around in her
Shit sludge remembers that she had them all up her ass and says something like "wow i completely forgot that you were all in my ass. I cant believe i forgot that you all were in there haha haha, i must have put you guys through hours worth of torment." As she continues to laugh, she sees them swimming away and trying to get out of the liquid shit filled tooliet bowl, and says something like "oh where do you think you're going. Your life of
torture is not over yet." She grabs a pair of gloves that were just laying on the bathroom sink counter places then on her hands and begins to grab all the ant out of the sludge and places them in a jar. Once she is abke to retrieve all the ants from the tooliet bowl, she dips her hand inside the tooliet bowl and grabs a handful of liquid shit and places it in a separate jar then say something like " you thought you could get away from me? Your life of torture is just starting. This is what you get for trying to ruin my pleasure. Who knows, maybe ill make you guy my forever ass prisoners. You can spend the rest of you worthless lives inside my ass, sniffing my farts and getting shitted on for the rest of your lives." She then takes the jar filled with the ants and the jar filled wkth liquid shit and walks over to her
Bed. She lies down on her bed, pulls her panties down, takes the jar filled with the ants, speads her ass cheeks far apart, and dumps them into her ass and they all fall right on her ass hole. She then takes the jar with liquid shit and dumps it into her ass and it lands all over the littke ants. She then slaps her cheeks shut then jiggles her ass around to make sure the ants and the shit mix together well. Then she looks at the time and sees it is 1:00 am and says something like " well i guess i tortured you ants enough today, so i am going to go to bed and you littke ants get to spend the night in my liquid shit filled ass." After that
She turns off the light and get into a comfortable position in her bed and makes sure to really squish the ants in her ass. BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! " oh, hehehehe i forgot to mention that i still got a bunch of that mexican in my system so i will be farting all night. I hope you enjoy the smell.good night my little ass prisoners.

GassyGirlsLover Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
I gotta say, this was an interesting thing to read. I'll definitely consider it, though I'm currently already writing a shrinkfic. Add to that, I don't actually take requests, but suggestions. And this is definitely one that I'm considering. I'll keep it in mind.
fartfanatic1 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Thanks. I just brain stormed all those ideas.
But its up to you to take anything from that and add it to your story. Just please make it and similar as possible.
Just stick to these general topics....
●unaware giantess
●shrunken people inside giantess ass
GassyGirlsLover Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
I can gaurentee nothing since I'm already a good way into it, but it's possible for a future story still.
fartfanatic1 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Ok thats fine. Just tell message me when u begin to create the story please.
Booklolz Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Though I'm not familiar with the characters in the story. I can honesty say that this is probably one of the best fart fetish stories on DA.
Thatguylikesfarts Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
......I like farts, LOVE farts, epically when females do it, but this is just nasty.
bobsmith64 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
GassyGirlsLover Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
I apprciate that you took time out of your apparently very busy schedual to flame something that you honestly didn't even need to read in the first place. And since you obviously don't really have the common sense to understand, then I'll explain. That was sarcasm, meaning that I honestly am very pissed that you would comment just to flame. Why don't you go write your own stories and not comment on others' art if you claim its "just nasty"? Screw off.
dustenper Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011
Very nice story, keep up the good work
FemaleGasAdmirer Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
Hm...It's interesting...i liked it and so far the only thing i can say is watch the spelling and grammer in the story.
yukiomaru Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Grammar XD Lol. Anyway, I agree.
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